Intellipan™ - FAQ

How does Intellipan work?

Additional details coming soon!


Why is Intellipan the best smart cooking pan?

Intellipan does not require a smartphone, computer, special apps, or a wireless connection. Turn on the pan and you’re ready to cook!


What is Intellipan made of?

Intellipan’s body is durable and lightweight aluminum. It has a nonstick pan coating and silicone-covered handle.


How do I care for my Intellipan?

Intellipan should be washed by hand immediately after use, without extended soaking.


How do I charge Intellipan?

No charging required! Intellipan will be powered by replaceable batteries!


How can I purchase Intellipan?

Pre-orders will be coming soon!


What payment methods are accepted?

Coming Soon!


How fast can I receive my Intellipan?

Coming Soon!


Can I track my shipment?

Coming Soon!


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