Our Story

Intellipan inventor Jerry Rodriguez knew he wanted to create a product that would help others in their day-to-day lives. Thanks to his work in the aviation industry, Jerry knew that sometimes, making small changes in a workflow can have a significant effect on your overall day.    
Jerry’s passion for fitness and nutrition means that he is also often found whipping up healthy foods in his kitchen. Carefully portioning and weighing ingredients is an important step in meal preparation to achieve health and fitness goals. One day, while prepping his own meals for the week, Jerry realized that he could speed things up by combining the process of weighing food into the process of cooking it. Meal prep would become faster and easier. The Intellipan was born!   
Shop Intellipan now and experience the ease of a smart cooking pan that automatically weighs your food as you add it – no apps or extra devices required. Whether you’re cooking for fitness or want to better understand what goes in your body, Intellipan can help.